Remain Faithful

This last Sunday we finished the letters to the churches in Revelation.    There are some common themes that run through the letters.  They are a call to remain faithful to Christ despite whatever is happening around us.  They are a call to change the areas that are not right in the Christ’s judgment.    Spiritually dead people are called to come back to life.  Spiritually luke warm people are called to be on fire for Christ.  Spiritually sleeping people are called to wake up.  People who have lost their love for Christ are called to recapture that passion.   People who have conformed to the ungodly world are called to separate themselves and to be God’s holy people.  The call of Christ in these letters is serious and it is important.  Christ is very patient with us but there is a limit to his patience.  We must respond to Christ while there is time.  There are manifold blessings promised to us if we will listen and obey the word of the Lord.