Pastor’s Blog

As I studied the letter to the church in Smyrna, I began to understand that I have no real understanding of what it is like to suffer for Jesus.    Anything that I have gone through because of following Jesus is nothing compared to the suffering that the Christians in Smyrna went through.  Their example of faithfulness to Jesus even in the face of threats against their life is inspiring.   So how do we emulate their faithfulness while we have it so comparatively easy?  I think it is a real challenge for us because we can live our lives without the threat of persecution.  It is a real challenge to keep trusting in Jesus every day when things are going good.    It is too easy to think that we can handle things on our own and begin to trust in ourselves instead of Jesus.  Even though we do not face the fierce persecution that the Smyrna church faced, we must still live being dependent upon Jesus every moment.  May God help us to be faithful to him.