Pastor’s Blog

In our study of Revelation, we studied the letter to the church in Ephesus this week.  In this letter Jesus commends them for the many good things they are doing, but he has just one thing against them.  They had lost their first love for Jesus.   They had drifted away from the love relationship to Jesus and were just going through the motions.  They were still doing good things but the love was missing.  This was so important to Jesus that he told they were about to lose their place of influence as a church.  This letter has contemporary application to us today because it is too easy to drift in our relationship with Christ.  When we do that we end up just going through the motions without any excitement or motivation.   We serve out of obligation instead of love.   The solution that Jesus gives us is to return to the love relationship that we had at the beginning.  We are invited to enjoy a love relationship with Jesus that will bring great blessing into our lives and bring blessing to others as well.  What are we waiting for?