Pastor’s Blog

The empty tomb gives witness to the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.  When Mary came to the tomb on the first Easter morning, she found an empty tomb.  When Peter and John got to the tomb they also found an empty tomb.  Every person who showed up at the tomb found that it was empty.  Even the enemies of Jesus could not dispute the fact that the tomb was empty.   When I visited Israel a few years ago, I went to the traditional site of the tomb of Jesus and I found an empty tomb.  All over the world you can go and see the tombs of famous kings and leaders.  At each tomb you can be sure that the remains of that person rest in the tomb.  The tomb of Jesus is empty because Jesus rose from the dead.  The empty tomb changes everything for us.  Whenever you are tempted to be discouraged or feeling defeated, remember the empty tomb.    Whenever you are scared and worried, remember the empty tomb.  Whenever you are in despair and feel hopeless, remember the empty tomb.  The empty tomb shouts to us that Jesus is alive and he is our source of hope.  Remember the empty tomb!