Pastor’s Blog

As I read the story of the death of Jesus I am amazed at the majesty of Jesus.  Even though he was suffering on the cross he was in complete control.  He was on the cross because he willingly went to the cross to die for our sins.  He went through this unimaginable pain and suffering because of his great love for us.  He was even in control of the moment of his own death.  After all the prophecies had been fulfilled Jesus said, ‘It is finished’ and he died.  We see from the gospel story that Jesus was still able to shout out in a loud voice so he still had breath in his lungs.  Usually people with breath in their lungs can live a while.  But Jesus chose to die at the exact moment when all the prophecies had been fulfilled.  If he had waited a few minutes to die, he would have had his legs broken along with the other victims and the prophecy concerning the Messiah having no broken bones would not have been fulfilled.  The picture of Jesus willingly laying down his life for us is amazing and humbling.  Like the song writer wrote, “Amazing love!  How can it be, that thou my God, shouldst die for me?”